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Midwest Fly Fishing

Spend a day outside in a peaceful natural setting doing something everyone can enjoy. Fly-fishing is a low-stress sport that teaches focus, patience, and awareness of the environment you are in.  Midwest fly-fishing may not be as pervasive a style of fishing as it is in more mountainous and remote regions of the country but there are plenty of opportunities for fly-fishing in Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. Fly-fishing requires reading the water, from fast moving runs, to eddies, pockets and seams where the game fish may be hiding, as well as natural features such as shrubs and trees for shelter and waterfalls and dams attracting feeding fish. Successful fly-fishermen also understand the type of food and bugs that are being eaten and “in-season” and attempt to imitate them with the appropriate lure. Stillwater and pond fly-fishing provides unique challenges, or opportunities as well.


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