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Midwest Ice Climbing

Climb a cascading frozen waterfall? In the Midwest? Yep. Ice climbing creates another opportunity to climb outside of rock climbing season. Throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois there are opportunities to climb frozen water in all of it’s forms: tall freestanding ice pillars, frozen seeps of ice cascading over cliffs, and even tame stair-step climbs for the uninitiated. 

If you are not an experienced climber, always travel with a guide or take an anchor building class. Our friends at Vertical Adventure Guides provide an excellent guide service, gear rental and the logistics so you can stay safe and focus on climbing!

Browse our extensive, guides to ice climbing areas of the midwest:


Wisconsin Ice Climbing Areas

Wyalusing State Park Ice

Wyalusing State Park offers a plethora of ice climbing opportunities – from the tall Main Flow and Quarry Monster to several milder climbs in the ravines and gullies in the park.

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Wyalusing Ice from Mike Bularz on Vimeo.

Governor Dodge State Park Ice

Lone Rock, WI Ice formations

Other Areas

Illinois Ice Climbing

Starved Rock State Park Ice Climbing

Ice climbing near Chicago! Within an hour and a half drive, you can be out ice climbing the beautiful canyons of Starved Rock State Park! Please check their website if conditions allow climbing: Starved Rock State Park Winter Sports

Read Our Quick-Guide: Starved Rock Ice Climbing

Starved Rock State Park Ice Climbing – Ottawa Canyon Lead Climb from Mike Bularz on Vimeo.

Minnesota Ice Climbing

Winona, MN Ice Climbing

Duluth Area Ice Climbing

Sandstone, MN Ice Climbing

North Shore Minnesota Ice Climbs

Michigan Ice Climbing

Munising Ice Climbing (Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore)